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    LVS Referral Program

    The LVS Referral program is a great way to help spread the word of LEOMO’s advanced motion analytics. By participating in this program, you can potentially earn LEOMO referral credits that can be u...

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    EU Affiliate Program

    This program is only for people in the European Union. If you are looking for the US program, you can find that in the US Affiliate Program article 1) To create an account, please visit our Amazo...

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    US Affiliate Program

    This program is only for people in the United States. If you are looking for the European program, you can find it in the EU Affiliate Program article. 1) To create an account, click on this link...

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    Linear Acceleration

    Function Summary Show Linear acceleration on the graph and save on CSV file You can select LinAccX/Y/Z from graph item popup window Use case When you want to see acceleration data without gravit...

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    Function Summary The deleted file goes to the Trash-box in the FILES menu You can restore any files in Trash-box and also delete files permanently to free up space on storage Use case When you w...

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    Function Summary Show Level on the recording screen You can adjust horizontal level and elevation angle Use case When you want to be level when shooting a roller When you want to take a certain ...

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    Function Summary Duplicate any file in FILES menu Use case Taking one movie with multi TYPE-Rs. Duplicate the file and use BULK with each TYPE-R. To Compare single file. see Compare article for ...

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    Function Summary Compare two files on one screen Adjust timing and play simultaneously The compare graphs are completely synced Use case When you want two athletes to do the same test and compar...

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    Vertical Scale

    Function Summary The scale of the vertical axis of each graph can be easily and accurately (by Number) changed It is now possible to align the scale of the vertical axis of multiple graphs You can...

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    Timing Adjust For Each Sensor

    Function Summary You can now adjust the time offset for each sensor Fix the gap time sync after recording (also fix old data) Use case Want to fix the gap of time sync How to use Base Flow Tap...